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Industrial Properties

Supplies being delivered, products being shipped, and constant movement everywhere and in between on your site. With all the heavy equipment and traffic pounding the pavement, it creates stress until the point of pavement failure.   Without proper installation and maintenance, the path to productivity becomes a minefield of hazards and liability.


At Queen City Blacktop Company, we understand that Paving The Productive Path is about more than blacktop. This is about us working as a together to make sure your transport infrastructure is working for you 24/7/365.


In addition to installing roadways and walkways, we provide ongoing maintenance services.  We make sure to keep each individual property's safety certifications and I.D. badges up to date so we are able to repairs without any delay. Our team is used to operating in industrial environments where we conduct our work with the highest safety standards and with a swiftness that allows your operations to continue without missing a beat.  


Paving The Productive Path
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