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New Construction is the building of new asphalt surfaces. First the jobsite is excavated and/or graded to achieve the desired elevations and proper drainage. Next, an aggregate base course is placed and compacted. Finally, the asphalt is placed and compacted.

Resurfacing or overlay is done to fix deterioration of asphalt from lack of maintenance, constant use or expiration of life expectancy. Typically, 1 ½”-2” of surface asphalt is applied for an overlay. A geotextile fabric can be used in conjunction with an overlay to help diminish reflective cracking and lengthen the life of the overlay.

Milling is the controlled cold planing of pavement to restore the surface to a specified profile. Bumps, ruts, and other surface irregularities are removed, leaving a uniform textured surface.

Our mill machine can run depths from ¼" -12" deep, giving us the ability to mill in a variety of ways for a variety of applications. We can mill city streets and roadways, parking lots, bridges and patches quickly and efficiently.

Patchwork is done when the asphalt/subgrade has failed in smaller portions of the pavement and the remainder of the surface is in otherwise good repair. Typically, the patch is sawcut for straight edges, excavated enough to achieve an appropriate subgrade and then filled back in with aggregate base and asphalt. If the deficiencies are just within the confines of the surface asphalt, a process known as    Infrared can be used to fix the asphalt.

Other Services: Concrete Work Excavation Seal Coat Line Stripe

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